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July 2015 Fishing Report

Thanks again Mother Nature. Pretty unbelievable how everything balances out in Nature (most of the time). After a few bad winters, and then last years awful winter, the weather has definitely been on the side of water and trout in The Eastern Sierras this spring and summer. After the wettest measured May in 20 years in Mammoth, the daily thunderstorms in June and July have been the perfect recipe for lots of water and happy trout!! I really feel like each of these rain showers saves an amazing amount of trout lives everyday, especially for backcountry trout. There has for sure been visible evidence of good water flows all around The Sierras as well. What does all this mean you ask? Well, fishing is great and not suffering at all up here. I’m not just trying to sell guide trips by the way. I guide quite steadily on Hot Creek Ranch and have for the last eight years, with the last four being low water years. I can not remember seeing more aquatic insects and really big trout in the last few years. And, this is not exclusive to just The Ranch. The San Joaquin is absolutely loaded with fish right now. I really don’t quite grasp how fishing can be better than the last few years, but it really is. The thought I usually have is don’t question it, just admire the resiliency of Mother Nature. The time to fish is now, so don’t let the worries of low water and tough fishing detour you from casting to wild fish!!!

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