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December 2015 Fishing Report

The late fall weather has been so helpful to our trout. Seems like we have had more storms this fall than all of last winter, and there’s some big storms currently on their way to slam The Siearras. With that said, it’s not even winter yet! Hard to say what will happen with this years snowpack, but it’s off to a great build. I surely am hoping that my future fishing reports (and guide trips) will not even mention the last few years of scary low waters. Having been fly fishing and guiding in The Siearrs, I have only known this incredible place to have plenty of water and somewhat easier fishing. These last four years (and I am assuming that this winter will be of at minimum an average winter) have sure made me long for more water. I don’t think I took our average and big winters for granted, I simply assumed that was just how fishing was here. Not that it was all that bad the last few years, it just wasn’t as GOOD. Can’t wait for days of guiding where there are almost too many choices to make with where to guide that day!
I have been guiding mainly The Lower Owens recently. Fishing, as usual on The Lower O has been so great. On most days, the Beatis come off by noon and that leads to about an hour of sweet dry fly fishing. I could never get tired of guiding on The Lower O because of the amount of different casts, techniques, and strategies there are for me to teach on the water. It’s such an amazing, and sometimes easy river for all level of angler.
I have also been guiding The Upper Owens as well. There has been a pretty good population of fish in there this fall, and the fishing has been steady. Definitely not a ton of fish in their, but enough to keep everyone’s attention. And, it shouldn’t be long before the huge Crowley rainbows start migrating up there!
Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the snow to not stop and The 2015/16 El NiƱo to be remembered for a long time!

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