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Some Great Reasons to Hire a Guide

I’ve thought about writing this post for a bit. I think the hardest part is to come across as not trying to sell myself too hard, but still make a few points that I think are extremely valuable to any level of fly angler, especially those who want to get GOOD. I have realized over the last few years that as a fly fishing guides that we are not guides. Let me explain. We are fly fishing teachers, and that’s it. A guide is someone in Alaska that guides you to kill your first moose. He takes on the inherent dangers of finding that animal, and gets you the shot. He (or she) is not going to teach you to shoot. You better already know how to do that. That’s their job. We, as fly fishing guides, are teachers. We are not here to just catch you a ton of fish. If you are spending your money wisely, and validating the couple of hundred dollars you are spending that day, you are getting your money’s worth if you hire a good guide (teacher). I really feel that good guides (including myself) never stop teaching no matter how good, or bad, the fishing is that day. A good guide understands that we are fly fishing teachers. I have told many clients I am working to get them to not hire me anymore. That may sound totally counter intuitive, but it’s true. I tell them that if I am doing my job correctly than they will absolutely come to a point when they no longer need a guide. And that’s the difference between someone who’s just there to make money and a great guide. My job is to teach every single thing and technique or trick I know so at some point the client will have the tools to go out on their own and catch trout. I hold nothing back. I know that I could go to any trout fishery anywhere and hook fish. It sounds like bragging, but I assure you it’s not. And that’s because I have spent the time. I have fished with guides. And, I know how to teach. So that’s it. Hopefully this has shed some light on what you should expect out of a fly fishing guide, and hopefully I can teach you all I know about the amazing sport of fly fishing, Nathan

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