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June 2016 Fishing Report

Howdy all! Great things are happening up here in The Eastern Sierras. The snow is melting. Thanks to our just above average winter the melt is officially on. The silt is outta here! Happy trout are finally able to do what they want and equally important, what we want. Basically, the trout now have room to move all over the rivers and creeks. They will no longer be packed into the best spots on the river. There should be great fishing all over our local waters. Hopper fishing will be awesome again! I guess it’s kinda like if you lived in Los Angeles and there was no more traffic.

The last four drought years have followed the same pattern. Great fishing May thru July and then tapering off drastically as the summer turns to fall. This year is the opposite. The early season has been fair but will only be getting better throughout the season. The creeks and rivers that are raging now will have gin clear and perfect flows all summer.

I have still been spending days on The Lower Owens. Is has been steady and reliable most days. The caddis are really going off down there. Ive had some really fun days of guiding clients with a solid two hour dry fly fishing session. Thankfully more waters are opening up around Mammoth just in time as Bishop is getting hot. I will be on the water everyday and will have quite a few options for clients of all fly fishing levels. Hope to hear from some old and new clients soon. It’s going to be a perfect summer up here. The San Joaquin opens next week!!! See you on the water, Nathan

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