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The Amazing San Joaquin

imageWhat an amazing day on The SJ yesterday (6-30-16). My client Debbie hadn’t been down there before but was definitely eager to explore. Debbie is in her 60’s and an avid hiker. I always admire and enjoy hearing her backpacking stories. We were scheduled to fish Hot Creek but decided to head down to The SJ. The flows are still up so we couldn’t quite fish all the water, but with Debbie’s awesome sense of adventure and willingness to explore we slayed em! I will not soon forget (and she never will) standing on a rock sight fishing to some 16 inches and those fish crushing our stimulators. It was so great to see big healthy trout that were eating like they hadn’t seen a person all year. The best party was seeing Debbie’s hands shaking from adrenaline. We high fives about 10 times and had a memorable afternoon for sure. Can’t wait for it to happen again!!!

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