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July Fishing Report

Howdy all. Summer is in full swing in The Eastern Sierras. Our local waters are flowing perfectly and the fly fishing is nothing short of awesome. I have been busy and loving everyday on the water. Most of our local waters are fishing well and hopefully all will be soon. I have been guiding The Amazing San Joaquin and sure have not been taking it for granted. The flows have subsided a bit but even when it was has it was great. Those fish have had no chance on my clients perfect Tenkara drifts. If you have never fished Tenkara or have always wanted to then I would love to teach you. An absolute game changer on most of our waters. I sure do love the challenge of teaching my clients new things that have fished western rods with great success. That breakthrough, or “aha” moment is the best. They cast the Tenkara and are amazed at how simple it as and how unbelievable of a fish catching tool it is. On one trip last week a client brought her expensive and admired brand new bamboo rod to the river and we never cast it! She had never fished Tenkara and never put it down.

As the summer goes on the fishing should only get better. There really is more water and places to fish than there has been for a while so you might as well fish them, with me. We never stop learning on the water and the rivers never stop teaching us. See ya on the water, Nathan

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