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September Fishing Report

What a difference even an average winter makes around here. Sure is awesome as a guide and angler to have gloriously clear and cool water flowing all summer. It has been a great summer so far for fishing and guiding and it’s not going to end any time soon. Thank goodness we are starting to recover some of our glaciers that we had just about lost. Those small patches of snow you see way up high along 395 are the reason we have great fishing conditions still this summer. That perfect continuous trickle of water is just enough to keep all of the back and front country “faucets” on. Without that slow steady melt the waters get to small and trout suffer. Let’s just hope we have another at least average winter and all fishing up here will be back to how it was after 2010. Not to say it isn’t great currently! 

It is so great to see fish in Hot Creek! I have been guiding a bit on The Creek and it seems to be getting better every time. Thousands of small (4-6″) fish keep things entertaining while keeping our heads on a swivel looking for the bigger natives. We did the first electro shock on Hot Creek last week since 2008. The numbers were definitely down but there were some really big fish that got measured. It is awesome to know that our local waters are finally on DFW’s radar and getting the attention they deserve. The Upper Owens included. 

I have also been spending some glorious days on The San Joaquin lately, thanks to that glacial snow. Flows are low but fishing is great with some longer casts. The Lower Owens is finally wadeable and fishing good also. 

The Fall colors are not far away and that means brown trout season. It’s pretty awesome every season to see the Browns get really active. They know those colder days and freezing nights mean less food. Still plenty of season and fishing left up here! See ya out there, Nathan

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