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November 2016 Fishing Report

Howdy all, fall fishing is on fire. Plenty of water, Indian summer (now), and cold nights make for perfect fall fishing right now. It happens every year. The nights start freezing hard and the switch goes on to let the big fish know they can no longer hide and be reclusive. Inherently those big guys seem to understand they need to eat a lot before it’s nothing but midges for the winter. I have seen more big fish lately than I have the entire spring and summer, luckily.

Hot Creek and The Lower and Upper Owens have been my mainstay the last month or so. All have fished well and some days have been almost silly with the amount of fish to fish to. I write that with a big grin as there have been a lot of days the last few years without much sight fishing. Luckily those days are a thing of the past for now! Hot Creek has been a blast as those small natives that were born last year are still eating like crazy. They are definitely getting clever so pattern changes have been way more important than a month ago. Mainly a good assortment of caddis and beatis. Always funny this time of year that the fish seem to key on caddis when there are more beatis on the water and vice versa. Good ol fall fishing I guess. The Upper O has had a really nice population of lake fishing cruising up and down trying to figure out where they want to reside this winter. Streamer fishing never gets old in the fall on The Upper O. Cast, cast, cast, cast some more, and then wham, finally it pays off. Guiding when clients are streamer fishing is always a great time and much easier with four eyes watching the line!

Lets hope for at least an average winter this year. Last year was average and it worked wonders on repairing our drought weary waters. See you on the water! Nathan

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