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May 2017 Fishing Report

It’s going to an incredible season up here in The Eastern Sierras. After one of the longest and biggest winters recorded, the snow banks are finally getting smaller. This will not be a season of low flows, exactly the opposite. This will be the fly fishing season of a bit too much water changing into perfect clear and cool flows all the way through the fall. Often when I’m guiding my clients will ask when is the best time to fish our waters. The answer is that every season is different. This year I think July and August will be even better than May and June. Don’t get me wrong, May and June are going to fish great. However, we are looking at the possibility of historic flows in June so it’s going to take a bit for the fish to get into there summer homes.

The spring has fished quite well and it sure seems those dark drought days are way behind us. We do need to understand as anglers and guides we need to help keep our rehabilitating fisheries healthy. Good catch and release tactics and protecting spawning fish are at the top of my list. The upcoming Lahontan Cutthroat trout spawning migration is starting soon. It’s nearly impossible for most anglers to not fish to 25″ trout in six” of water. Even tho they should be left alone to Procreate!!! What we can do is stay out of the water and especially the Redds. Every step in the Crowley tributaries is likely to crush the roe and hurt the future of our Lahontans. Obviously rainbows are spawning this time of year as well. Just a small reminder catch and release can also be called protect and release. Thanks for your help. My calendar is filling up rapidly so book your summer trips soon. Tenkara time!!!

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