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July 2017 Fishing Report

It’s all happening, finally…. The insane winter of 2016/2017 is finally about to loosen its grip on The Eastern Sierras. And it’s July!!! Fishing has been quite tough up here but things are coming around. Waters are starting to come down and we are no longer breaking 150 year old historic water flow records every single day. We all knew that there was an incredible amount of water up high but nobody would’ve guessed it would be like it is into mid July. With that said the wait is going to be, and is, so worth it. The remainder of July, August, and September are going to be unreal. Most of the fish in the moving waters of the Sierras haven’t even been caught (and released) yet. Think about the last few drought years when fishing was on the serious down swing starting now. In my opinion it hasn’t even started yet. Lucky us!

The road to The San Joaquin hasn’t opened yet but rumor is by the end of July. I can not wait to guide that gem. Those fish haven’t seen any anglers for almost nine months. Yeehaw! Good times ahead on The SJ for sure. Dry fly fishing and Tenkara pocket water fishing are all you need for a perfect summer day.

I have been guiding Hot Creek and The Upper Owens. Tough fishing for sure but the teaching has been great. I guarantee all clients that I have been guiding this summer are going to be fly fishing savages with the honing of skills that we have been practicing together. The hatches on our local waters have been prolific and like clock work lately. Unfortunately the high flows have kept the fish on the bottom but they will be getting more aggressive every day.

Book your trips now as most fly anglers are already booking knowing how fabulous the rest of the summer will be!!!

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