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September Fishing Report

Well Labor weekend is passed and fishing is finally really really good. That is crazy. Hot Creek at 100 CFS still. The East Walker at 400 CFS STILL.  Crazy. Everyone knew that we had a whole lot of water in all that snow up high but no one could’ve predicted these flows would last this long. I’m not complaining that’s for sure. My point is that with high flows  a large  amount of water hasn’t even gotten fished yet and summers almost over! That means that so many fish are uneducated and eating away every day. It also means on rivers that aren’t catch and release (The San Joaquin) that the bait fisherman haven’t killed so many fish. Yay! There will be an awesome affect of the high water and that is that so many fish will still be in our local waters and will procreate. What a difference from the drought years when fly fishing most of our local moving waters was basically done by now. This will be one of the best late summer and fall fly fishing seasons in years. Full lakes aren’t going to suck either!

Ive been guiding on quite a few of our local creeks and rivers lately. Like I mentioned before, crazy how some of the water is still unfishable. Most of it is tho and I can’t remember hooking more big fish in quite some time. Some great days on Hot Creek lately hopper fishing and getting some ferocious grabs. Same success on The Upper Owens and other small creeks around The Eastern Sierras. If you haven’t done much downstream Tenkara hopper drifts you need to start! Such an amazingly effective technique to practice and perfect.

The caddis dry fly fishing has been stellar as well. The amount of caddis on most of our moving waters are so impressive. Definitely some rewarding days teaching clients lately the ways to tell EXACTLY which stage of the caddis the fish are looking for. Nerdy fly fishing stuff but so fascinating none the less. This late summer will be a pretty busy one as most fly anglers have been patiently waiting for the best time of 2017 to fish. September and October. Crazy. See ya on the water, Nathan 

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