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October 2017 Fishing Report

Somethings are definitely worth the wait and the Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing season of 2017 sure is proof. The unreal and historic flows of June and July are a memory and the best fishing of the year is upon us big time. I haven’t been on any moving water lately and not seen fish. As any angler can attest that’s a wonderful thing. No one should complain about the unreal flows but finally seeing fish sure is a beautiful way to start a guide trip.

I have been talking to clients for a month or so about the benefits of The Winter of 2017. I really feel as tho anglers will reap the rewards of this last winter for the next few years to come. It was a bit tough in June thru August to look at so many spots that you knew had fish but no way to fish to those spots. The cast would be too far and the wading too dangerous. The benefit we will see in the next few summers is how many fish never got fished to or caught and killed by those uneducated fish killers! So many more survived and thrived this summer because of the high flows and not being fished to. Absolutely a countless number of more fish are going to be around next spring than any other recent opener. And the best part of all, they are all catchable now!!!

The Upper Owens, The East Walker, Hot Creek, And The San Joaquin are all fishing perfectly right now. The SJ will be closing any day now so fish it soon. I do not see the great fishing slowing any time soon so now is the time! Please please use caution with the upcoming brown trout spawn. No one can expect anglers to not fish to a 24” trout in 4” of water but we should all expect anglers to stay out of the water. Please understand ever step in the river has the potential to kill countless eggs and frye. Stay out of the river and redds if you like catching brown trout.

Now is the time to fish. The fish of a lifetime awaits… see you on the water, Nathan

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