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Winter 2020 Fishing Report

Happy New Year and all that good stuff. It’s been pretty cold in The Eastern Sierras but that does not seem to be bothering our local trout. All of the local open  waters are fishing quite well and The Lower Owens has been really good.
I have not spent much time on The Upper Owens or Hot Creek, but the word on the street seems to be fair but not amazing. There are definitely a good amount of lake fish in The Upper Owens so that is always alluring.

I have been on The Lower Owens quite a bit and I can say that river is such a great challenge for any level of angler. I don’t think there is any other river around where the fish move as much than The Lower O. But in the fact that the fish are so transient comes great reward when you find the type of water that they are feeding in. Sometimes it’s the slower deeper water and sometimes it’s literally in the 3 to 6 inch fast water most would wade right past. The dry fly fishing has not been reliable however the nymphing has been very good. The Euro or Czech nymphing has been a blast. There is such a massive difference in the amount of fish you can hook on any given run whether or not you have a big clunky indicator on vs. no indicator. Obviously there is the variable of not having an indicator and the much longer time your flies spend in “the kill zone”, but those fish will stay glutinous much longer without that indicator passing right over their heads.
Spring and summer fishing are right around the corner but there are plenty of sweet fishing days to be had now. See you on the river!

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