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February 2018 Fishing Report

Greetings from The Eastern Sierras. Hard to believe but the spring fishing opener is right around the corner. I am really excited to see all of the local waters again but in the meantime the ones that are currently open will do just fine. The local fisheries that are open now are all fishing great, thanks to the slow winter we have had up here. Low and clear flows and some solid mayfly hatches have sure been fun. Although we don’t get hours of dry fly fishing like the summer, the short mayfly hatches make the fish go off!

I have been spending some days guiding The Lower Owens and it is finally fishing well after the big flows of 2017. The local browns have definitely found there new homes and are a blast. When you can find those homes that is. I find that the fish move more day by day and hour by hour on The Lower O more than any other water I guide. It sure helps to have a guide down there and my suggestion is to fish all the water not just the premium drifts.

The other open fisheries in Mono County are fishing pretty good as well. The stocking of Hot Creek last fall has made for some fun small fish dry fly fishing. I’m sure some of the big fish are getting bigger this winter feasting on those smaller fish. It should be just like the old days on Hot Creek thanks to Cal Trout, DFW, and some of us longtime guides hard work.

It should be a long perfect spring, summer, and fall fly fishing season up here in The Sierras. We haven’t had much snow at all low but there’s a pretty solid amount up high where it counts. Book your dates now as it’s already looking like a busy summer!

October 2017 Fishing Report

Somethings are definitely worth the wait and the Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing season of 2017 sure is proof. The unreal and historic flows of June and July are a memory and the best fishing of the year is upon us big time. I haven’t been on any moving water lately and not seen fish. As any angler can attest that’s a wonderful thing. No one should complain about the unreal flows but finally seeing fish sure is a beautiful way to start a guide trip.

I have been talking to clients for a month or so about the benefits of The Winter of 2017. I really feel as tho anglers will reap the rewards of this last winter for the next few years to come. It was a bit tough in June thru August to look at so many spots that you knew had fish but no way to fish to those spots. The cast would be too far and the wading too dangerous. The benefit we will see in the next few summers is how many fish never got fished to or caught and killed by those uneducated fish killers! So many more survived and thrived this summer because of the high flows and not being fished to. Absolutely a countless number of more fish are going to be around next spring than any other recent opener. And the best part of all, they are all catchable now!!!

The Upper Owens, The East Walker, Hot Creek, And The San Joaquin are all fishing perfectly right now. The SJ will be closing any day now so fish it soon. I do not see the great fishing slowing any time soon so now is the time! Please please use caution with the upcoming brown trout spawn. No one can expect anglers to not fish to a 24” trout in 4” of water but we should all expect anglers to stay out of the water. Please understand ever step in the river has the potential to kill countless eggs and frye. Stay out of the river and redds if you like catching brown trout.

Now is the time to fish. The fish of a lifetime awaits… see you on the water, Nathan

September Fishing Report

Well Labor weekend is passed and fishing is finally really really good. That is crazy. Hot Creek at 100 CFS still. The East Walker at 400 CFS STILL.  Crazy. Everyone knew that we had a whole lot of water in all that snow up high but no one could’ve predicted these flows would last this long. I’m not complaining that’s for sure. My point is that with high flows  a large  amount of water hasn’t even gotten fished yet and summers almost over! That means that so many fish are uneducated and eating away every day. It also means on rivers that aren’t catch and release (The San Joaquin) that the bait fisherman haven’t killed so many fish. Yay! There will be an awesome affect of the high water and that is that so many fish will still be in our local waters and will procreate. What a difference from the drought years when fly fishing most of our local moving waters was basically done by now. This will be one of the best late summer and fall fly fishing seasons in years. Full lakes aren’t going to suck either!

Ive been guiding on quite a few of our local creeks and rivers lately. Like I mentioned before, crazy how some of the water is still unfishable. Most of it is tho and I can’t remember hooking more big fish in quite some time. Some great days on Hot Creek lately hopper fishing and getting some ferocious grabs. Same success on The Upper Owens and other small creeks around The Eastern Sierras. If you haven’t done much downstream Tenkara hopper drifts you need to start! Such an amazingly effective technique to practice and perfect.

The caddis dry fly fishing has been stellar as well. The amount of caddis on most of our moving waters are so impressive. Definitely some rewarding days teaching clients lately the ways to tell EXACTLY which stage of the caddis the fish are looking for. Nerdy fly fishing stuff but so fascinating none the less. This late summer will be a pretty busy one as most fly anglers have been patiently waiting for the best time of 2017 to fish. September and October. Crazy. See ya on the water, Nathan  Read more

July 2017 Fishing Report

It’s all happening, finally…. The insane winter of 2016/2017 is finally about to loosen its grip on The Eastern Sierras. And it’s July!!! Fishing has been quite tough up here but things are coming around. Waters are starting to come down and we are no longer breaking 150 year old historic water flow records every single day. We all knew that there was an incredible amount of water up high but nobody would’ve guessed it would be like it is into mid July. With that said the wait is going to be, and is, so worth it. The remainder of July, August, and September are going to be unreal. Most of the fish in the moving waters of the Sierras haven’t even been caught (and released) yet. Think about the last few drought years when fishing was on the serious down swing starting now. In my opinion it hasn’t even started yet. Lucky us!

The road to The San Joaquin hasn’t opened yet but rumor is by the end of July. I can not wait to guide that gem. Those fish haven’t seen any anglers for almost nine months. Yeehaw! Good times ahead on The SJ for sure. Dry fly fishing and Tenkara pocket water fishing are all you need for a perfect summer day.

I have been guiding Hot Creek and The Upper Owens. Tough fishing for sure but the teaching has been great. I guarantee all clients that I have been guiding this summer are going to be fly fishing savages with the honing of skills that we have been practicing together. The hatches on our local waters have been prolific and like clock work lately. Unfortunately the high flows have kept the fish on the bottom but they will be getting more aggressive every day.

Book your trips now as most fly anglers are already booking knowing how fabulous the rest of the summer will be!!!

May 2017 Fishing Report

Game on! The fishing opener has passed, the snow is meting rapidly, and new waters are going to be accessible everyday. The winter of 2017 will not be forgotten and hopefully for Eastern Sierra fly anglers the summer will be amazing as well. Everything is setting up perfectly for one of the longest fishing seasons we have enjoyed in a while.

We have had some good runoff but the “Big Melt” should arrive the last week of May. Some all time flow records will be broken and our streams will be in perfect shape for quite some time. The high waters won’t last long and everything should be fishable by the 4th of July. There will be plenty of water to fish around and I have heard The Lower Owens flows will be finally coming down soon. Can’t wait to see what that river is going to look like after this massive flush!

Most of my early season days have been spent on Hot Creek Ranch. Holy moly there are some hogs around right now. Not sure where the quantity of fish are but there are more big fish around than I’ve seen in years. I think some of our carnivorous trout have been feasting this winter. It should be an amazing dry fly season on all of Hot Creek this year.

There will really be no bad time to fish for the rest of the season, like it’s ever bad fishing The Sierras. All of our local moving waters should just keep getting better and better all the way into late fall and winter. Hope to fish with and teach you soon!