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Some Great Reasons to Hire a Guide

I’ve thought about writing this post for a bit. I think the hardest part is to come across as not trying to sell myself too hard, but still make a few points that I think are extremely valuable to any level of fly angler, especially those who want to get GOOD. Read more

Incredible Sunday Afternoon

I guided great client Harold Shively on Hot Creek Ranch a few days ago for a full day. The morning was great, the afternoon was some of the best fishing I have ever seen on The Ranch. We had some nice fishing early with a mixed bag of tricos and caddis. Harold made some great long casts to a few trout that had no idea we were stalking them. We covered a good amount of water and hooked fish in almost every stop. We took a lunch break and headed back out on the river at 3 hoping to catch the afternoon caddis emergence. Holy smokes did we time that right. We fished for about an hour and hooked a fish about every 15 minutes. Steady, but not quite on fire yet. I started to notice some fish working under and just upstream of the bridge we were fishing. I told Harold we should move up and cast across and downstream to the fish under the bridge. Harold would make a soft cast with a well timed mend and the fat boys would annihilate our caddis emerger. The only problem was if the fish ran downstream, we would probably not be able to get them back above the bridge. Fortunately for us, every fish stayed right above the bridge. Harold would keep them just above the bridge, and I would run down and scoop up the fish just in time. So memorable feeling like I was a hockey goalie making sweet glove saves time after time. Not sure, but we must have landed six or eight big fish that same way. What a stellar early evening on The Ranch chasing fish, laughing, and high fiving!!!